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Time is an arrow. Launched one day, she rushes to unknown horizons, gaining speed with each passing moment. Time is sand. Right along pours through fingers and turns into dust once created castles, towns, countries, civilizations ... Time is a book with an infinite number of authors. The book originates long before the first man and no one of us will see its end. Time is life.

This year was probably the most difficult for all time of the Laboratory existence. On an almost overturned page of the Book of the Time there remains the man by which the LAH is the organization as is today. Page flips but the text on it will have not be forgotten. We will return to it again and again, re-read, and write a new chapter. After all, life - is movement forward, despite challenges that are permanent and losses that are irreplaceable.

Then go! Read the Book, write it, create the future without forgetting the past because somewhere, at the very beginning, there are many secrets and mysteries waiting to be discovered.

Thank you for being with us! Our team heartily congratulate you with the New Year 2017!

LAH Research Center Team

Dear Friends!

In this presentation we provide you with information about the main activities, the current tasks and the nearest objectives of the LAH Research Center.

LAH Research Center Team


And now here you can see the presentation in Spanish: El LHA: HOY Y MANANA

On the 15 of September, at the age of 56 died Andrey Yuryevich Sklyarov.

This is something you cannot be prepared for. You cannot grasp it immediately. And it's grievously difficult to accept ...

Andrei Sklyarov was a founder and ideological leader of the "Laboratory of Alternative History", author of dozens of books and films that changed the views of thousands of people in Russia and abroad on the ancient history, architecture, archeology and paleogeography. He was the man who devoted himself to the search for physical evidence of an ancient advanced civilization on our planet.

He was firmly vindicating his ideas from the perspective of an experimental physicist, always relying only on the actual researh results, without compromise and without looking at the authorities, he has shaken prevailing scientific theory.

He taught us to ask uncomfortable questions, to think, to analyze and to build the system anew. "If the facts contradict with the theory, it is necessary to throw out the theory, not the fact" - was his saying.

We will all miss him. Relatives, friends, colleagues, associates ... those who were "pros" and "against", who hotly debated, argued, sometimes hoarse ... We will miss his interviews and debates, his new books, ideas, projects. We will always feel a huge gratitude for his Idea, his Work, and for cherished Memory - as long as we are alive.


For those who want to provide financial support for the family of Andrei Sklyarov, you can transfer money to his son, Maksim.

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Bank: VTB 24 / VISA

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Payment receiver: Maksim Lyamenkov

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As ISIS have destroyed significant pieces of an ancient history in Syrian Palmyra last week Laboratory of Alternative History considers it necessary to contribute to the saving information of the Cultural World Heritage sites and opens its photo archive collected during the expedition to Syria in January 2009 for public access.

For your convenience, we have placed the photographs in multiple folders, depending on the sites.

You can use the links below to download the archive photos in zip-files:

All content we provide above you can copy, modify, distribute and use it for free, including commercial purposes, without asking permission. However, we ask you to give a credit to the Laboratory of Alternative History (LAH, as the source.

We also urge everyone who has the ability to save and share these materials and who cares about the ancient heritage to support this initiative.

Here are some links concerning the expedition to Syria in 2009 (in Russian):

The report of the LAH expedition to Syria-Lebanon, 2009 -

The film based on materials collected during the expedition -

Documentary films from the series "Taboo Subjects of History"

"Mysteries Of Ancient Egypt" (2005)     

The film "Mysteries of Ancient Egypt" is based on the unique material recorded during several expeditions, and are based on facts and hypotheses, which are deliberately hidden by academic science, because they threaten to bring down the usual picture of the distant past of humanity. A number of facilities are closed to the public, and shooting them is prohibited. This is why a lot of it will be seen by spectators for the first time.


"Traces of Ancient Gods' Civilization" (2014)

The facts are undeniable evidence that the ancient gods - representatives of advanced civilization with high technology - is indeed a reality, and not a fiction nor fantasy of our ancestors. This not only makes us radically revise the image of the ancient history of mankind, but also gives us a unique chance to penetrate into the knowledge and technology of the gods’ civilization, to use this knowledge and technology for the development and enhancing our own civilization.

Papers and books

A.Sklyarov The Myth about Flood: calculations and reality

Details of one of the most drama pages in early history of mankind which are reflected in myths and legends of various peoples about the Flood allow practically to restore completely a picture of accident of planetary scale. The article shows reconstructed picture of events, analyses their reasons and consequence that is carried out on the basis of cataclysm eyewitnesses indications. Some of received conclusions can seem disputable but from viewpoint of modern data they nothing it is worse both official version and alternative theories.

A.Sklyarov Computer of Ancient China

The guessing system of Chinese "Books of Changes" ("I-Tszin") originating in the deepest antiquity in case of attentive analysis finds out a binary notation and position principle of numbers record in its basis!!! It seems improbable that ancient Chinese possessed such mathematical knowledge which our modern civilization actively began to use only in twentieth century, entered in epoch of computer engineering basing upon just these principles. And it seems more improbable that principles of "Books of Changes" are similar to advanced achievements of modern physics.

A.Sklyarov Heritage of drunk gods

The chronicle of epochal transition of our ancient ancestors from hunting and collecting to agriculture which has started rough progress of mankind is overflown with the most improbable and intriguing details and riddles. As well as why with own hand brought up crop has weighed down rich gifts of wild nature, - on this question the political economy and myths give completely different answers. Facts and logic appear not on the side of official viewpoint but support the version of ancient legends and traditions which inevitably brings to conclusion about artificial formation of human civilization under outside influence.

A.Sklyarov What you are, native land of gods?..

Numerous mentions of gods in ancient mythology contain the description of their acts, habits and predilections, which could tell about many things if we would look at myths as at the description of real events. From myths it is possible to reveal features of biochemistry of organism of gods - representatives of advanced alien civilization. As it appears, their organism rather strongly differs from ours one. And the reasons of it that conditions on native planet of gods differ from conditions on the Earth. The data of modern cosmogonic theories allow to restore features of native planet of gods in comparison with which our Earth really appears as the place which gods overthrown from heavens quite could count as "hell".


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Results of Expeditions


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