Documentary films from the series

"Taboo Subjects of History"

"Mysteries Of Ancient Egypt" (2005)

The film "Mysteries of Ancient Egypt" is based on the unique material recorded during several expeditions, and are based on facts and hypotheses, which are deliberately hidden by academic science, because they threaten to bring down the usual picture of the distant past of humanity. A number of facilities are closed to the public, and shooting them is prohibited. This is why a lot of it will be seen by spectators for the first time.


"Traces of Ancient Gods' Civilization" (2014)

The facts are undeniable evidence that the ancient gods - representatives of advanced civilization with high technology - is indeed a reality, and not a fiction nor fantasy of our ancestors. This not only makes us radically revise the image of the ancient history of mankind, but also gives us a unique chance to penetrate into the knowledge and technology of the gods’ civilization, to use this knowledge and technology for the development and enhancing our own civilization.



TV project "Taboo Subjects of History"

Ancient history of mankind, trotting over many thousands of years, still remains, in essence, "terra incognita". Description of the huge amount of historical data, which was before the advent of writing, easily fits on just a few pages in textbooks. And it appears there as a fairly clear and consistent picture of human formation and development constructed on the basis of fragmentary archaeological data in strict compliance with only a single paradigm which dominates in academic science.

Currently, however, we have accumulated a huge amount of archaeological facts that literally "do not fit into any framework" of the officially recognized paradigm.

Academic science continues to ignore the existence of the found artifacts, as well as ignores the presence of hypotheses and theories that contradict the "official viewpoint". It only uses all available methods - it declares "inconvenient" artifacts as "fake" and erects a "wall of silence" around them. This "wall of silence" actively prevents the spread of any information about the existence of such artifacts. Alternative hypotheses and theories are subject to obstruction and are being forcibly alienated from scientific publications and conferences. The doors of academic institutions are closed for researchers who decided to stick to hypotheses and theories outside of the prevailing paradigm. Such researchers are deprived from the opportunity to make a career in science. As a result, the study of such "inconvenient" artifacts completely deprived of the possibility of using research databases available to academia and are left to be carried out only by the enthusiastic individuals.

Despite all the obstacles, researchers were able to collect so many facts that are more than enough to create a very different picture of the past. Under these conditions, the breakthrough "information blockade" is able to give impetus to the development not only of alternative views, but also the academic science. Nevertheless, unavailability of such information is the cause of significant interest of general public to "strange" facts and alternate versions of history.


TV project "Taboo Subjects of History" is focused on:

  • creation of a series of documentary films on the base of research expeditions in different regions of the world with a wide range of specialists;

  • rigorous analysis of ancient artifacts from the standpoint of modern scientific knowledge, but not limited strictly only one version;

  • wide coverage of different hypotheses to explain these ancient artifacts.