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Articles of cycle "Myths and reality":

The Myth about Flood: calculations and reality

Details of one of the most drama pages in early history of mankind which are reflected in myths and legends of various peoples about the Flood allow practically to restore completely a picture of accident of planetary scale. The article shows reconstructed picture of events, analyses their reasons and consequence that is carried out on the basis of cataclysm eyewitnesses indications. Some of received conclusions can seem disputable but from viewpoint of modern data they nothing it is worse both official version and alternative theories.


Computer of Ancient China

The guessing system of Chinese "Books of Changes" ("I-Tszin") originating in the deepest antiquity in case of attentive analysis finds out a binary notation and position principle of numbers record in its basis!!! It seems improbable that ancient Chinese possessed such mathematical knowledge which our modern civilization actively began to use only in twentieth century, entered in epoch of computer engineering basing upon just these principles. And it seems more improbable that principles of "Books of Changes" are similar to advanced achievements of modern physics.


Heritage of drunk gods

(Fight for a crop: for whom and what for it was necessary...)

The chronicle of epochal transition of our ancient ancestors from hunting and collecting to agriculture which has started rough progress of mankind is overflown with the most improbable and intriguing details and riddles. As well as why with own hand brought up crop has weighed down rich gifts of wild nature, - on this question the political economy and myths give completely different answers. Facts and logic appear not on the side of official viewpoint but support the version of ancient legends and traditions which inevitably brings to conclusion about artificial formation of human civilization under outside influence.


What you are, native land of gods?..

Numerous mentions of gods in ancient mythology contain the description of their acts, habits and predilections, which could tell about many things if we would look at myths as at the description of real events. From myths it is possible to reveal features of biochemistry of organism of gods - representatives of advanced alien civilization. As it appears, their organism rather strongly differs from ours one. And the reasons of it that conditions on native planet of gods differ from conditions on the Earth. The data of modern cosmogonic theories allow to restore features of native planet of gods in comparison with which our Earth really appears as the place which gods overthrown from heavens quite could count as "hell".


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