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What you are, native land of gods?..

Beforehand it is necessary to warn the reader that all further stated does not aspire at all to be full and strict conclusive, and it is a hypothesis supported faster with indirect data rather than fixed facts.

Also it is necessary to note, that in given article conclusions of previous author’s works are used: "Heritage of drunk gods (Fight for a crop: for whom and what for it was necessary?..)" and "Does the destiny of Phaeton wait the Earth?.." These conclusions will not be proved here as it has in detail enough made in specified works, and as the interested reader can acquaint with them there:

* * *

One of basic conclusions of article "Heritage of drunk gods" consists that transition of people from hunting and collecting to agriculture had no any natural objective reasons and was carried out only under influence of external force - certain "gods", in practice being representatives of more advanced alien civilizations. Result of this outside influence became formation of ancient agriculture centers and human civilization as a whole. However rather important question was left beyond the bounds of analysis of mentioned work: and FOR WHAT PURPOSES actually "gods" needed to change so cardinally and in large scale all way of life of terrestrial natives?!.

The author rather skeptically concerns to idea about some "humane mission" of good alien civilization. First, any intervention has negative consequences except for positive ones. Second, "gods" inevitably should be moved by THEIR OWN interests. And interests of two civilizations which are divided by the whole precipice on development level should inevitably contradict each other in many respects. And thirdly, Sumerian’s myths, for example, do not at all mention any "humane" aspirations of "gods". According to version of these myths "gods" have only shifted heavy work on shoulders of people, using them as servants.

The version of certain large-scale "experiment" ventured by alien civilization in a far antiquity on our planet also causes serious doubts in its validity. And here the basic objection can be reduced to the following: despite of big distinctions between ancient agriculture centers they have very (and I would tell: too!) much common. First of all: in all these centers the emphasis was made on grain agriculture in its most toilful form (the grain was milled and only then it was used for preparation of food though there are also much more simple ways of its use). And second, according to N.Vavilov's researches all centers of ancient agriculture are concentrated in very narrow strip (see Fig. 1) owing to what practically identical climatic conditions take place in all centers.

"As it is possible to see, the zone of initial development of the mainest cultural plants is attached basically for the strip between 20o and 45о of north latitude, where greatest hills of Gimalai, Hindu Kush, Forward Asia, Balkan and of Apennines are concentrated. At the Old World this strip is parallel to equator, at the New World it is parallel to meridian according to the general direction of main mountain ridges" (N.Vavilov, "World Centers (Origin Centers) Of Major Cultural Plants").

"Geographical localization of agriculture initial centers is very original. All seven centers are drawn mainly towards mountain tropical and subtropical areas. Centers of New World are drawn towards tropical Andes, centers of Old World are drawn towards Gimalai, Hindu Kush, mountain Africa, mountain areas of the Mediterranean countries and towards mountain China, occupying mainly foothill areas. In effect, only a narrow stripe of globe dry has played the basic role in history of world agriculture" (N.Vavilov, "The Problem Of Agriculture Origin In View Of Modern Researches").

And so. If one abstracts from any other factors then from viewpoint of simple experimental research it would be much more expedient to try various variants, comparing their efficiency among themselves in passing, rather than to stake all on one.

(Notice in brackets: the author considers that nevertheless certain "experiment" was carried out but in much "narrower" sphere - in sphere of public relations and it had no influence on basis of managing - on grain agriculture accent. Research of this "experiment" is a separate question upon which we do not touch here.)

The aforesaid deduces us on an idea that "gods" have conceived this all "not from good life". They not only and not so much "wanted" as "required" similar intervention in affairs of terrestrial civilization. And from all possible reasons of given "need" further we shall analyze only one (though also the most probable according to author’s viewpoint): owing to some circumstances the certain limited group of representatives of advanced alien civilization was compelled to stay on the Earth rather long period and accordingly to adapt under local conditions adapting also them under own needs in passing.

Probably it has taken place as a result of technical failure of big spaceship after which it could not leave limits of our planet any more. And it is possible that reasons were "political" character: one part of aliens owing to some conflict with other part of representatives of the civilization was compelled to leave native planet and to settle on the Earth, having created an original colony here.

Let's notice that in mythology of different nations it is possible to meet not only hints on conflicts of "gods" among themselves but also almost direct indications of "political" reasons of colonization of the Earth. Actually, with the big quota of probability this motive underlies a known bible topic about overthrow of guilty angels from heavens to the ground ...

But reasons and details of events are not important to us here. Consequences of the fact will interest more: the group of representatives of alien civilization has got stuck on our planet and was somehow compelled to adapt to life on it.

Certain confirmations of such hypothesis can be found in mythology. First, obviously rather limited amount of "gods" appears in it (only India is allocated here, however and there there is a final number of "gods" more often). Second, myths and legends obviously point to certain "heavenly" or "star" origin of "gods".

Therefore further we shall omit inverted commas attached to word "gods" and we shall understand they as directly representatives of alien humanoid civilization.

* * *

In ancient legends there is one moment which is represented rather curious in view of accepted "base hypothesis". I imply the information from Egyptian mythology about periods of "board" of gods.

On the basis of the data gathered from Egyptian priests ancient Greek researcher Manefon asserted that in the beginning Egypt ruled by seven great gods during 12300 years: Ptah - 9000 years, Ra - 1000, Shu - 700 years, Geb - 500 years, Osiris - 450 years, Set - 350 years and Gor - 300 years. 12 divine governors were in second dynasty of gods - Tot, Maat and ten others - they ruled the country during 1570 years (that in recalculation on one god makes about 130 years). Third dynasty consisted of 30 demigods having ruled 3650 years (in recalculation on one - about 120 years). Further there was the period proceeding of 350 years which was the period of chaos when Egypt was separated and there was no governor in it. This period was finished by unification of Egypt under Menes which as it is accepted to think was the first pharaoh of Egypt.

In these Manefon data it is possible to observe a picture of obvious reduction of periods of "board", not bad keeping within uniform law (see Fig. 2)!..

Let's try to carry out the following logic file. Hundreds and even thousand years duration of periods (it is especial for first generations of gods) quite could lie in a basis of that our ancestors viewpoint according to which gods were "immortal". However in opinion of the author it is not necessary to perceive literally the term "immortal" here. You see, in the same Egyptian mythology "immortal" gods after the finishing of governing on the Earth are transferred to world beyond the grave (where they rule further). And Sumerian and Indian gods are quite capable to kill each other no less than gods of American Indians, gods of African and European nations ...

Then if we shall look at periods of "board" of Egyptian gods as at periods of their lives we shall see ... obvious reduction of life expectancy of gods! And as this reduction is characterized by quite precise law we have the right to assume that given "truncation" of gods life was insuperable to them and had quite certain preconditions. Within framework of accepted "base hypothesis" such preconditions quite could be influence on gods of those external factors with which they collided on the Earth. That is adaptation to life on our planet has not taken place without leaving a trace and was reflected in duration of their life, and is the rather strong and extremely negative.

And it could occur only in that case if conditions on the Earth appreciably differed from conditions on a native planet of gods by something essential to them.

But as obviously follows from the myths the given differences had no cardinal character.

First, overwhelming majority of gods in different mythology quite successfully could do without survival suits. Hence, the structure of Earth’s atmosphere was similar to atmosphere structure on the native land of gods.

Second, on the one hand gods in myths are capable rather easily to move on the ground, and on another hand - it is not mentioned anywhere in myths that gods moved by such jumps as astronauts on the Moon. Hence, gravitation on a native planet of gods is like Earth’s one.

Thirdly, gods quite were content with Earth’s food. And though according to myths gods gave people some agricultural crops preliminary "having improved" them, and traces of genetic experiments with some plants sorts are found out in South America, nevertheless gods took sacrifices from people by Earth’s gifts and used them as food. And this can speak only about one: the biochemistry of gods quite perceived Earth’s products, i.e. it was not so strongly differed from human biochemistry.

We also shall try to use the given conclusion to find out still something about native planet of gods and about them. For this purpose we shall plunge into biochemistry reference books...

And here we shall base on such phenomenon which has reached us in legends as "blue blood". "Blue blood" is an attribute of "exclusiveness" and confirmed the right to reign, but in an antiquity only gods (and their descendants further) could reign. Whether gods really could have a blue blood in direct instead of figuratively?.. Also what it in general such - "blue blood"?..

One of main functions of blood is transport, i.e. transfer of oxygen (О2), carbonic gas (СО2), nutrients and products of allocation. Oxygen and carbonic gas are allocated from total number not casually. Oxygen is the basic element necessary for alive organism for functioning and its amount by energy received as a result of the whole complex of intricate chemical reactions. We shall not go into details these reactions; it will be important for us only that as a result of these reactions it is formed (in rather decent amounts) carbonic gas which is necessary for deleting from organism.

So. For amount of ability to live the alive organism should consume oxygen and allocate carbonic gas, that it makes during breath. And blood realize the transport of these gases in contrary directions (from environment to organism tissues and back). Special elements of blood "are adapted" for this purpose - they are so-called respiratory pigments which in its molecules contain metal ions capable to bind oxygen molecules and if necessary to give them back.

Human blood respiratory pigment is hemoglobin which structure includes ions of bivalent iron (Fe2+). Due to hemoglobin our blood is red.

But even on iron basis there can be other color of respiratory pigments (accordingly and other color of blood). So the chlorcruoine - pigment of many-bristle worms has green color; and some brachiopoda insects have the pigment hemerythrin which gives a violet shade to blood.

However the nature was not limited to these variants. It appears that the transport of oxygen and carbonic gas quite can carry out respiratory pigments and on the basis of ions of others (besides iron) metals. Say, blood of sea ascidius is almost colorless as in its basis there is hemovanadium containing ions of vanadium. Molybdenum is pigment member of some plants, and manganese, chrome, nickel are ones of some animals.

Required us blue color is among respiratory pigments in the alive world too. Pigment hemocyanin on a basis of copper gives this color to blood. And this pigment is rather widely distributed. Due to it some snails, spiders, crustacea, cuttlefishes and cephalopoda molluscs (octopuses, for example) have blue color of blood.

Incorporating to oxygen of air hemocyanin becomes blue, and giving oxygen to tissues it becomes colourless. But also on a return way - from tissues to breath organs - such blood does not become colourless completely: formation of respiratory pigment hemocyanin on a basis of copper gives one more factor additionally tincturing blood in blue color. The matter is that being allocated during biological activity of organism cells the carbonic gas (СО2) combines with water (Н2О) and forms coal acid (Н2СО3) which molecule dissociates (breaks up) to an ion of hydrocarbonate (HCO3-) and an ion of hydrogen (Н+). Cooperating with an ion copper (Сu2+) at the presence of water the ion HCO3- forms compounds of blue-green color!

The most interesting that according to accepted now "genealogical tree" of vegetative and fauna it turns out that related groups have different blood but are descended like from each other. Same mollusks can have red, blue or brown blood with different metals. It comes that the structure of blood is not so already important for alive organisms.

And the similar picture can be observed not only at the lowest animals. For example, groups of human blood are attribute of very low category as various groups of blood are peculiar to a race in the narrowest sense of a word. Moreover it appears that chimpanzee have groups of blood similar to human groups, and in 1931 chimpanzee have given to the person a blood of the same group transfusion without the slightest harmful consequences.

Life appears is very unpretentious in this question. It is similar that it uses all possible variants touching them and selecting the best ...

But whether could happen such that not only the lowest animals would have blue blood?.. Is it possible for humanoids?..

Why no!?. Already for a long time it is established by science that the environment is capable to have rather strong influence upon element structure of alive organisms. At long their isolated existence in those or other environmental conditions it appears variability - occurrence of physiological races which can have place even without seen external changes. It is accompanied by change of chemical structure of organism. Chemical mutants appear with change of number of chromosomes in nucleus of cells etc.; and variability can get hereditary character.

It is clearly that in conditions of deficiency of any element the evolution will go on way of its replacement by another which capable to provide the same functions and which is present in a sufficiency. Apparently for us in process of the alive world the evolution reoriented organisms on iron which makes a basis of respiratory pigments of the majority of alive kinds.

For example, the amount of iron in blood of the person in weight of 70 kg makes 4-5 g. The most part of iron is in blood: 60-75% of this metal is connected to hemoglobin which albuminous part "blocks" oxidation of iron from bivalent to trivalent condition supporting by this way its ability to bind molecules of oxygen. Hemoglobin is part of red blood cells - erythrocytes, making more than 90 % of their dry rest (about 265 million molecules of hemoglobin are in everyone erythrocyte) that provides high efficiency of erythrocytes in transportation of oxygen.

As well as any other microelement an iron makes permanent circulation in organism. At physiological disintegration of erythrocytes 9/10 of iron remains in organism and is spent to construction new erythrocytes, and the lost 1/10 part replenishes due to food. About high necessity of the person in iron it speaks even that modern biochemistry does not find out any ways of removing of iron surplus from organism. Evolution does not know such concept - "iron surplus"...

The matter is that though in a nature it is a lot of iron (it is the second metal after aluminium on prevalence in earth's crust), its greatest part is in very difficultly assimilating trivalent condition Fe3+. In result, say, practical person necessity in iron is 5-10 times as greater real physiological necessity in it.

And such situation takes place not only at top of earth’s evolutionary ladder. For example, iron is the major element for vital functions of plankton, but it is not enough in superficial sea waters and besides it is almost always present as complex chemical compounds in which iron is rigidly tied with molecules of other elements that's why it is in little use for assimilation by microorganisms.

According to researches of the American National Society this problem is solved with specific bacteria living at ocean. They reproduce molecules which contacting iron force it react under influences of sunlight. Energy of the sun as though opens complex molecules with trivalent iron to more free connected configurations of atoms. In result a bacterium, the plankton and other microorganisms can snatch out separate atoms of iron and use them (results of researches are published in journal "Nature" in September,27,2001; the material is taken from publications on web-site of

And still, despite of all complexities of iron assimilation, despite of constant balancing on a verge of "iron deficiency", evolution on the Earth nevertheless has gone on a way of use of this metal for amount of the major function of blood - transport of gases. Hence respiratory pigments on basis of iron are more effective rather than on basis of other elements (say, high ability hemoglobin to transport oxygen was already mentioned; and about its other advantages it will be spoken further). And therefore, nevertheless it is a lot of iron on the Earth...

And now we shall imagine other situation: on some planet iron is much less than it is on the Earth, but copper is greater. On what way evolution will go?.. Answer seems obvious: it will go on a way of use copper for transport of gases and of nutrients by blue blood!..

Can similar happen in a nature? For the answer to this question it is used some data and reasons resulted in article of V.Larin "The Earth seen in a new fashion" (journal "Knowledge - force", No 2, 1986). According to this article in external environment of the Earth iron is little bit more than it is on the Sun (in percentage ratio), but copper is almost 100 times as less than it is on the Sun!.. At the same time if one recognizes that the bulk of reactions occurring on the Sun is reduced to burning out of hydrogen with formation of helium then the chemical composition of the Sun as a whole should correspond to structure of that proto-planetary cloud from which the Earth was formed also. Hence, if surplus of iron still can be written off as error of the data the copper obviously "does not suffice" in any case. We still shall return further to reasons of this and conclusions which follow from this, but now one is important to us: copper can be is much greater!!!

That is on a native planet of gods copper quite can be much more than it is on the Earth, and iron can be less. And it is possible also to find indirect evidences of that is true.

The first indirect evidence. According to mythology the art of metallurgy was handed to people by gods. And so. If one analyse attentively texts of ancient myths he is possible to notice that it concerns to nonferrous metals but not to iron. For example, in Egypt copper was known very much for a long time and copper extraction was made in mines of Sinaitic peninsula already under first pharaohs (3000-4000 BC). Iron appears in use of people much later - only in II millennium BC.

Certainly, nowadays accepted explanation of later development of iron by greater labour input of its extraction and complexity of processing is quite logically. But it also is not without defects.

For example: during centuries people cut down huge stone blocks (for tombs, palaces and so on), process them, render carved ornaments, - and however they use only copper instruments not trying to find more effective material for tools!?. How you imagine it to yourselves?.. And even with occurrence of bronze - much stronger alloy copper with tin - during long time it is used only for manufacturing luxury goods and adornments!.. Directly - it is scene from any mazohistic film ...

Imaging similar stages, one is involuntarily declined to idea that myths are not so fantastic. Secrets of metallurgy could be really handed to people by gods which technologies were adapted under conditions of their native planet - there are much copper and not enough iron ...

Gods and on the Earth had a little of iron. In mythology it is possible to meet descriptions of literally individual subjects from iron; these subjects had "heavenly" origin and belonged only to gods.


The second indirect evidence. In fairy tales (as products which have arisen directly on basis of myths) very much "gold" subjects frequently appear as characteristic of certain "fairyland" or some "magic country". For example, the known researcher of fairy tales V.Propp marks that:

"Everything a little connected with three-ten kingdom [kingdom at the other end of the world] can accept gold colouring. We already saw that a palace is gold. Subjects which it is necessary to get from the three-ten kingdom are gold almost always... In a fairy tale about Firebird the Firebird sits in gold cage, the horse has gold bridle, and garden of Fine Elena is enclosed with gold fencing... Any gold attribute is always inherent to the inhabitant of this kingdom, to tsarevna. She sits in high tower with gold top. "Looks, and Vasilisa-tsarevna is floating on blue sea in silver boat, by gold oar she pushes off" ... She flies in gold chariot. "Multitudes of turtle-doves has flown on that place, they have covered all meadow; in the middle there was gold throne. A little later - both the sky and the ground has begun to shine, - the gold chariot flies by air, six fiery serpents are harnessed; queen Wise Elena sits on chariot - she is such beauty undescribed that nobody can take in head, guess, tell in fairy tale". Even when tsarevna is represented as warlike maiden, she skips on stately horse "with gold spear". If her hair are mentioned they always are gold. And her name from here is "Elena Gold Tress Uncovered Beauty". In Abkhazian fairy tales light proceeds even from her face: "Also he has seen a beauty luminous without the sun standing on balcony... From her as from the sun there was light even when there were neither the sun nor the moon"... Gold appears so frequently, so brightly in such various forms that it is possible rightfully to name this three-ten kingdom as the gold kingdom. It is so typical strong trait that the statement "everything that is connected with three-ten kingdom can have gold colouring" can appear correct and upside-down: "everything that is painted in gold color gives away by this the own accessory to other kingdom". Gold colouring is a seal of other kingdom" (V.Propp, "Historical roots of magic fairy tale").

But is it the gold?..

"Reception" secrets of gold from copper was contained in manuscripts found at excavation by one of tombs in Thebes. It appears, only it was necessary to add zinc to copper as it turned to "gold" (an alloy of these elements - the brass really reminds gold). It is truth, such "gold" had shortcoming: greenish "ulcers" and "rash" showed up on its surface (brass was oxidized as against gold).

according to evidence of antiquity historians, they produced false "gold" coins in Alexandria. In 330 BC Aristotel wrote: "In India they procure copper which differs from gold only the taste". Certainly, Aristotel was mistaken but however it is necessary to give tribute to his observations. It is really that water from gold vessel has no taste. Some copper alloys are difficult for distinguishing from gold on appearance, for example thompuk. However the liquid in a vessel from such alloy has metal smack. Obviously in his works Aristotel speaks about such fakes under gold from copper alloys.

Thus, many things could be made of similar "gold" on the native land of gods which is rich by copper...

But what consequences of that on a native planet of gods it is not enough iron and much copper?.. We shall return to biochemistry. However now we apply it to gods. Whether we can apply "earth’s" biochemistry to alien?.. Again: why no!?. Chemistry laws are identical everywhere !..

We already adduced one indirect confirmation: gods ate earth’s food.

There is also one more indirect confirmation of applicability to gods of "earth’s" biochemistry. I say about the version that "gods have created people". The description of the given creation in ancient myths can be reduced to following procedure: gods have taken certain earth’s "preparation", have mixed it with their something, have made some changes (probably, at genetic level) and have received result - the person. Would it be possible to make this if biochemistry of earth’s "preparation" would be completely incompatible to biochemistry of gods?.. Hardly... And if it has turned out, the result - the mix - especially should have elements of similarity to "divine component" in itself.

About presence of compatibility of human biochemistry (final "mix") with gods biochemistry it speaks also that further gods had sexual relations with people, and after that quite healthy children were born - descendants of people and gods - who have replaced gods on thrones...

( For the sake of justice it is necessary to note that here we bypass question about time of "creation". Hardly it was the same as time of "overthrow of gods from heavens on the Earth". But gods could visit the Earth and before part from them was held up on our planet on long time.)

So, biochemistry with reference to gods ...

Gods have found themselves on the planet with deficiency (according to their measures) of copper and surplus of iron. It is necessary to adapt somehow to this condition .

First, it is necessary to fill up continuously by copper own organism. Say, period of life of erythrocytes of human blood only is about 120 days that demands constant updating of organism by iron going first of all for blood production. It should be similar and for gods, - only copper is instead of iron.

Second, iron is more chemically active than copper. Therefore, getting in blood of gods, it inevitably should aspire to supersede copper from its compounds. Speaking in simple language: surplus of iron is very harmful for organism of gods, and they require avoiding this surplus.

The most simple way of simplification of decision of these problems is to keep to the certain diet, using products with high amount of copper and with low amount of iron. And it appears here that the version with copper in basis of gods blood is capable more exhaustively quite to explain "grain choice" of gods!!!

Say, especially much iron is contained in leguminous plants, in vegetables, in berries (for example, in wild strawberry, in sweet cherry), in meat products. And much copper is contained in cereals, in groats, in grain products. It would seem, people do not have sense to pass from hunting and collecting to agriculture, since necessary iron in prosperity is literally "under legs and hands". But nevertheless under influence of gods people turn aside manufacture of food stuffs which are poor of iron but rich of copper, though people have enough copper (say, practically it is not known about cases of copper lack even during pregnancy - period when the necessity sharply grows for all elements). And now we can tell, that given turn is made not only under influence of gods but also in their personal interests.

And they not only have imposed on people some tribute for own livelihood which could be collected from them and without cardinal breaking of way of people life. That it was possible to collect from people was not of use to gods, - and so transition to "civilized way of life" was necessary, without that it would be difficult to organize agricultural works in scales necessary for gods .

Some details of transition to agriculture and to settled way of life allow to be ratified in these conclusions.

For example, productivity of tuberous vegetables repeatedly surpasses productivity of grain. But there is much iron in such vegetables and the mankind passes to grain, complicating to itself the decision of problem of maintenance both with livelihood as a whole and with iron in particular. And even now in the advanced countries additional enrichment of bakery products by iron with a view of indemnification дисбаланса elements is standard.

Moreover. In grain not only there is not enough iron, - they contain substances phosphatin and phytin which form almost insoluble salts with iron and reduce its assimilability by organism.

But as it was mentioned above, people not only have gone on a way of grain manufacture but also have chosen the most difficult way of crop processing. The grain is carefully cleared, then milled, and food stuffs prepare already from produced flour. Though it is much easier to cook, for example, spelt from crude grain... And one of manuals for pregnant women writes that:

"It is necessary to know that cleared grains do not contain substances necessary to the future mother. Even if there are additives in them, there constantly there are no fibrin, many vitamins and mineral substances which are in natural products".

Whether the truth, all this is not looks so isolated and not clear in view of received conclusion?..

The same conclusion allows to make still a pair of interesting supervision explaining some "strangenesses".

First, assortment specificity of sacrifices. Gods, who given to people agriculture and have trained them in metallurgy and in crafts, demanded from people of sacrifices by vegetative products and their derivatives. (We shall note that the question is about "gods-civilizers" here. And besides: very small amount of "bloody" sacrifices - by animals or people - is possible to relate to ones having underlying reason in "meat livelihood" of gods. In overwhelming number these bloody sacrifices demand from people of fact of murder fulfillment first of all, victim meat has not big value for god at that case and it eaten by people. But in general the theme of sacrifices is the big separate question.)

Second, in its "philosophical essence", in its basis the vegetarian way of life originating in deep olden time has aspiration "to become similar to gods" ("to achieve an enlightenment", "to touch the supreme knowledge" etc. - it was same in eyes of our ancestors). But as it is clear now, not everything that is useful for gods is useful also for people. It is possible to illustrate it with one more quotation from the manual for future mothers:

"...women-vegetarians give rise usually to healthy children. But women who do not use some meat should pay attention to their diet from viewpoint of presence in it of following substances: fiber, calcium, vitamin В12, folic acid, iron, vitamin D".

The version of gods blood on a basis of hemocyanin (or other copper compounds) enables to look on other mythology data too.

First, copper has strong antibacterial properties. Many nations attribute copper curative properties. For example, Nepaleses count copper sacred metal which promotes concentration of ideas, improves digestion and treats for gastroenteric diseases (they give to patient to drink water from a glass in which some copper coins lay). In olden time people treated with copper for helminthic diseases, epilepsy, chorea, anemia, meningitis. Copper is capable to kill microbes; for example, workers of copper factories never were sick of cholera. At the same time, recently Ohio State University scientists have found out that redundancy of iron in food diet can promote propensity to intestinal infections.

Thus, higher amount of copper and low amount of iron in gods food allowed them to strengthen antibacterial properties which their blood so had due to copper in its composition. It quite could protect from earth’s infections and bring the mite in "immortality" of gods.

It is appears that copper is effective for treatment of other illnesses too. Surrounded with copper wire smiths never suffered from radiculitis. When radiculitis red copper five-copeck coins strengthen on sacrum by plaster or place to a waist and put on a belt from dog’s wool. For the same purposes one can use copper rope or antenna wire which wind around himself. For treatment of pains in joints and of salts adjournment they use ancient remedy as a copper ring which is carried on a finger with some months, then pains decrease and mobility in joints is increased.

Special copper bracelets use popularity. But they are effective if the amount of copper in them reaches 99%. The bracelet on the right hand helps to cure or calm down headache, sleeplessness, physical and intellectual weariness, diabetes, impotence. Wearing of a bracelet on the left hand is recommended when higher blood pressure, hemorrhoids, intimate insufficiency, tachycardia. All over the world have estimated bracelets from pure Peruvian copper...

Second, blue color of blood gives appropriate shade to color of skin too. And how to not recollect "blue-skin" gods of India here!..

Thirdly, copper deposits in a nature contain a lot of silver. Silver literally accompanies copper almost everywhere. It is so strongly shown that even the powerful part of modern silver extraction is carried out in passing with copper extraction, - almost the fifth part of all silver is nowadays extracted from copper deposits. Hence, on a planet of gods also there should be a lot of silver (chemical and physical laws operate there too).

But silver as well as copper has strong antibacterial action.

"Silver water" is a suspension of smallest silver particles in water. It is formed when water is stored in silver vessels or contacting with silver products. Silver particles in such water have antiseptic properties already at concentration of 10-6 mg/liter since silver is capable to block fermental systems of microbes.

Alchemists considered that silver is included into seven metals with which they allocated salutary force. Silver used for treatment of epilepsy, neuralgias, choleras, purulent wounds. In waters of sacred Indian river Ganges the amount of silver is heightened. High disinfectant properties of silver surpass the same properties of carbolic acid, corrosive sublimate and chloric lime. Specially prepared silver is applied when headaches, loss of a voice at singers, fears, dizziness. If one wears silver on himself this calms nervous system.

And it again works on "immortality" of gods!..

Besides it is known, that skin can get a blue shade by long introduction of silver in an organism, that in aggregate with blue blood of gods inevitably strengthens effect of blue skin.

* * *

However blood on basis of hemocyanin has not only some advantages but also serious lacks. And first of all that concerns to transport by blood not oxygen but carbonic gas. But here we all over again should return to human biochemistry and look as withdrawal of СО2 from human organism is carried out in conditions of habitual to us blood and to what this process is connected...

Let's consider firstly processes of breath and gases transport by blood in general (see Fig. 3). All this process is based on that transport of any gas from one organs to another is carried out first of all by diffusion provided with difference of partial pressure of this gas in different organs. For unfamiliar with this term we shall explain: partial pressure of gas in a mix is equal to that pressure which given gas will have if we removed all other gases from a mix.

Diffusion of O2 to blood is provided with difference O2 partial pressures in air of lungs alveoluses and in venous blood (8-9 kN/m2 or 60-70 mm.Hg.). Brought by blood from tissues in the connected form CO2 becomes free in lungs capillaries and diffuses from blood to alveoluses; the difference of pCO2 (partial pressure of carbonic gas) between venous blood and alveolar air makes about 7 mm.Hg. Transition of O2 to tissues and removal of CO2 from them also occur by diffusion since pO2 (partial pressure of oxygen) in tissue liquid is equal 2,7-5,4 kN/m2 (20-40 mm.Hg.) but in cells it is even lower, and pCO2 in cells can reach 60 mm.Hg.

But besides simple diffusion chemical reactions play a role in process of gases transport too. And as already it was mentioned earlier, carbonic gas is not in free condition in organism. Combining with water (hydrating) carbon dioxide (CO2) gives coal acid (H2CO3) which molecule dissociates on an ion of a hydrocarbonate (HCO3-) and on proton (H+). Hence, growth of concentration of CO2 in solution conducts to diminution pH (this parameter is equal the negative logarithm of concentration of ions H+), i.e. to growth of solution acidity. The basic part of acting in blood CO2 is dissolved, reducing pH of blood, and its small part is convertible binds with hemoglobin, forming carbohemoglobin. Falling of medium pH and addition of CO2 reduce hemoglobin affinity with oxygen that promotes liberation of O2 in solution (plasma of blood) and its entering therefrom in environmental tissues.

The return picture is observed in process of removal of CO2 from blood near respiratory surface. Occurring here hemoglobin oxygenation (connection of oxygen) results in liberation of protons from its molecule that suppresses dissociation of coal acid on ions and leads to its decomposition on water and СО2 which leaves from organism through respiratory surface. In tissues return process is stimulated: hemoglobin desoxygenation (loss of oxygen by it) promotes hydration of CO2 and its entering in blood. In addition hemoglobin contains in erythrocytes together with enzyme carbounhidraza which catalyses processes of hydration and dehydration of CO2 accelerating them approximately in 10.000 times.

Thus, process of breath and of gases transport by blood appears is closely connected to acid-alkaline balance of blood. And that will be important for us: oxygenated hemoglobin (i.e. hemoglobin saturate with oxygen) is acid 70 times (!!!) as stronger than hemoglobin. It plays the big role in tying of О2 in tissues and in return of СО2 in lungs. Loss of acid properties by hemoglobin during return of oxygen to tissues strengthens its interaction with СО2 (and accordingly transmission of СО2 from tissues to blood too). And on the contrary: blood saturation by oxygen in lungs raises acidity of hemoglobin which supersedes acid rest of coal acid from its compounds, promoting its transition to the form of coal acid (Н2СО3) which immediately breaks up to water and carbonic gas that increases return of СО2 from blood to air of lungs. Speaking in language of experts, due to hemoglobin the process of transport of СО2 in blood appears is very closely connected (binded) with transport of О2.

And so. For animals using hemocyanin as a respiratory pigment the transport of O2 by blood is not so closely connected with transport of CO2 as for alive organisms which hemoglobin is in erythrocytes together with carbounhidraza.

First of all, it becomes more clear the choice of evolution for the benefit of those respiratory pigments (namely: hemoglobin) which contain ions of iron: hemoglobin is more effective.

Now we shall look that will occur if concentration of carbonic gas in blood will raise. Clearly, that first of all it will increase concentration of Н2СО3, i.e. acidity of blood is increased (рН of blood is reduced).

For regulation of acid-alkaline balance the blood contains special so-called buffer systems supporting acidity of blood at a stable level. And 75% of blood buffer ability are provided with hemoglobin!!! It occurs due to ability of hemoglobin to change strongly acid properties described above. In result, for people pH of blood is equal 7,35-7,47 and is kept in these limits even in case of significant changes of feed and of other conditions. For example, to shift pH of blood to alkaline side it is necessary to add to it 40-70 times as more alkalis than to equal volume of pure water. (we shall tell hardly later about other buffer systems and also about additional opportunities of decision of a problem of higher concentration of СО2.)

But in gods blood there is not hemoglobin but hemocyanin (or other respiratory pigment on a basis of copper) which not so strongly changes the acidity in case of change of concentration of О2 and consequently it is not capable so strongly to neutralize surpluses of acidity in case of change of concentration of СО2. Then what will occur to them in case of surplus of carbonic gas?..

First of all the acid-alkaline balance of blood will be disturbed, its рН will fall (i.e. acidity will be raised). How it is possible to result in norm acid-alkaline balance in this case?.. The first answer which suggests itself is: by means of addition of alkalis or bases. And here that is sense to recollect about the remarkable formula - С2Н5ОН!!! For those who does accidentally not know: it is the formula of ethyl spirit containing in alcoholic drinks and having strongly pronounced basic properties.

And then predilection of gods for alcoholic drinks marked by the author in article "Heritage of drunk gods" and easily found out in myths receives quite prosaic explanation. Simply, gods have got in conditions in which their organism not managed independently with surplus of carbonic gas (owing to blue blood of gods). They needed (!!!) in something to neutralize excessive acidity of blood arising because of "surpluses" of carbonic acid in its composition! And gods used for these purposes so-called aeterification - reaction of formation of complex ethers from spirit and organic acids contained in blood. This reaction displaces balance aside higher рН chemically "forcing out" harmful carbonic gas.

Namely here there is motive of that gods have learned people to produce alcoholic drinks and have put these drinks on one of first places in sacrifices!


In general, alcoholic drinks have a lot of remarkable properties. These drinks contain a plenty of organic acids due to which they have also buffer properties which are not allowing рН too to fall and by that they interfere for retention in blood of surpluses of СО2. But we shall note at once: these properties are inherent first of all for weak alcoholic drinks! Strong alcoholic drinks behave differently. Also it can be for this reason that recipes only weak alcoholic drinks are known from most ancient times, but strong alcoholic drinks have appeared rather recently (only in last millennium), - the strength was not necessary for gods... However we shall return to other properties of alcoholic drinks ...

People drinking a wine are sick of a flu than teetotal less. Thus, the wine provides antiinfluenzal prophylaxis. Observation of doctors testify that people drinking (moderately) wine less often do not come to work over infectious diseases than those who professes full alcoholic abstention. Laboratory experiences have shown that even diluted red wine destroys virus of poliomyelitis.

It is established that death-rate from coronary insufficiency is inversely proportional to consumption of alcohol. But among alcoholic drinks only wine has strongly pronounced preventive effect in relation to cardiovascular diseases. Researches show that in case of moderate usage of wine from one up to four wine-glasses in day (1 wine-glass of wine in capacity 100 ml and in strength of 12 degrees contains 10g of spirit) death-rate from coronary insufficiency is reduced up to 15-60 % in comparison with risk of similar outcome for people not drinking wine. But not drinking wine absolutely no less than drinking it excessively (from 60g alcohol per day and more) are exposed to very high risk of fatal outcome.

"Too dense" blood, that is blood of the higher viscosity creates serious preconditions for formation of clots capable to cork artery, in other words, to result in thrombosis. Alcohol has property to dilute blood.

Really, a soma (spirit drink of gods) gave people a health and gave gods - an "immortality"!..

Unfortunately, the author did not manage to find viscidity properties of blood on basis of hemocyanin which properties, as it appears, are rather poorly investigated in general (especially in comparison with hemoglobin). But if to assume that blood on basis of hemocyanin has greater viscosity then alcoholic drinks ability for blood dilution was reasonably useful for gods too.

Indirect evidence of higher viscosity of blue blood has flown in one of "Aids-info" publications where legends about "people with blue blood" were mentioned. according to these legends, in case of wounding of such "people" their blood quickly coagulated and a bleeding quickly stopped. High viscosity of blood reduces speed of its flow and hence it should promote stopping of bleeding. However the author did not manage to find both appropriate legends and data on coagulability of blood on basis of hemocyanin (if they are present at all). Reliability of information adduced on pages of "Aids-info" frequently causes serious doubts... So here we have an open field for future researches ...

So. Surplus of carbonic gas in blue blood can explain many things. That it was constantly and that it is not habitual for organism of gods proves to be true their constant need for alcoholic drinks. Legendary soma, honey, beer, intoxicating kvass, drinks from maize (gods gave American Indians the whole 9 sorts of alcoholic drinks from maize entered them in the list of sacrifices!) - all became in use. Gods even did not neglect a grape wine in which it is a lot of iron. Probably, the need was great ...

(Recently archeologists, conducting excavation in territory there are great states - Babylon and Assyria, have found clay tablets with cuneiform text of ancient Shumerians. Age of tablets is 3800 years. They have deciphered it and have read a hymn to goddess Nankasi which patronized cooks and confectioners. In that hymn cooks thanked goddess for invention of drink from roasted flat cakes. Also the recipe of that strange drink was expounded by verses. Modern culinary specialists have decided to revive Shumerian’s drink, they have made all under the recipe and when they have tried drink of goddess Nankasi they came to a conclusion that it is not that other as Russian kvass - tasty and some intoxicating.)

It follows that higher (in comparison with norm) concentration of carbonic gas in blood of gods was derivated by external earth’s factors. Consequence of what it could be?.. Such surplus of partial pressure of СО2 in blood of gods could be result only that in Earth’s atmosphere the partial pressure of carbonic gas was much higher than partial pressure of СО2 in atmosphere of native planet of gods since the degree of organism saturation by gases directly depends on their partial pressure in environment. Two basic possible variants follow from here.

The first variant. Atmospheric pressure upon planet of gods is similar to Earth’s one, but amount of СО2 on it is much lower then in Earth’s atmosphere. Certain preconditions to this variant can be found.

First, it can be that on planet of gods "green mass" (i.e. plants which actively consume СО2) is greater, . And the reason of it quite can be higher concentration of copper which, as it is noticed, very strongly promotes growth of plants, photosynthesis and formation of chlorophyll. All these factors also are capable to provide stronger processing of СО2.

Then plants (and their fruits accordingly) on planet of gods look as "giants" in comparison with earth’s ones. How here one can not recollect “Neznaika on the Moon" (Neznaika is Know-nothing - personage of well-known Nosov’s story): the perception by gods of earth’s plants should be related to appropriate impressions of Neznaika when he looked on tiny "lunar" berries and fruit...

By the way, in mythology it is spoken that before to transfer any plants to people gods preliminary "improved" them. Also it is possible to notice: cultural plants rather appreciablly differ in sizes from "wild fellows"...

In the same fairy tales as a rule "the magic country" is in violent woods in which trees are extremely great. But abundance of vegetative food is the precondition also for prosperity of all kinds of living creatures. And in fairy tales we meet abundance of game in "magic country" too...

Second, low partial pressure of СО2 in atmosphere of gods can be caused by lower tectonic and volcanic activity since volcanoes are "the basic provider" of carbonic gas into atmosphere of the Earth (or were up to that time as the mankind has come in technogenic stage of development).

But if we proceed from V.Larin's hypothesis about hydride structure and expansion of the Earth (in detail it is possible to familiarize with this theory in article of the author "Does the destiny of Phaeton wait the Earth?.."), then modern volcanic activity on our planet is "collateral consequence" of its expansion. According to this hypothesis, the nucleus of the Earth is not iron and consists of hydrides (compounds with hydrogen) of metals. Hydrides have high compressibility that causes small volume of hydrides in comparison with "pure" metal. In case of heating hydrides allocate hydrogen dissolved in them and simultaneously increase its volume. Being allocated from heated up hydride nucleus, hydrogen literally "inflates" the Earth, forcing its crust to burst continuously in weak places through which magma flows out from bowels of the planet on a surface. And together with magma the mass of gases breaks out through formed cracks, including carbonic gas which raises partial pressure in atmosphere (in some volcanic gases amount of СО2 exceeds 90% of their dry rest!!!).

Then lower volcanic activity on planet of gods can be caused by that processes of its expansion are much weaker, or were finished for a long time, or they were not at all. For example, their planet is older than ours one (that, by the way, is combined with more high level of development of gods civilization which is obvious more ancient than ours one).

But hydrid’s theory of structure of the Earth has one more interesting "collateral consequence": according to this theory petroleum has inorganic origin and its deep synthesis from inorganic components is direct result of plentiful allocation of hydrogen from hydride nucleus. (We shall notice in brackets that recently the theory of organic origin of petroleum literally cracks on seams under impact of messages that complex compounds included in habitual us petroleum are found out in free space in clouds of interstellar gas.)

And so. Ancient Shumerians, to which gods have given mass of useful knowledge in various branches and which literally went on petroleum squelching under their legs, "for some reason" have not guessed up to more effective utilization of this energy source except for hurling in fire stones impregnated with petroleum (a word for designation of all group of oil products as a whole - "nafta" - comes from Shumerian’s "napatu" - "stones which burn")!.. It is strange: to reach the invention of electric batteries (appropriate archeological finds already have shaken the world), but not to guess the use of petroleum, simple process of distillation!.. Only one was necessary: to build simple "device for home-distilled vodka", to fill up it with petroleum and to put on small fire, - there is and the cracking-plant allowing to receive gasoline, kerosene, solar oil etc. etc. which can be used further anywhere for you!.. . And this is then our ancestors (according to official version of history) put in fire all in succession: and an ore, and a pottery, and bricks, and various foodstuff (it is enough to imagine simple even the list of every possible dishes in our menu to understand all degree of breadth of "experiments with fire" of our ancestors)... Whether it seems, dear Reader, that it is strange at least?..

The following conclusion suggests itself: expansion of gods planet had no place at all since there were no appropriate conditions for this purpose, - there were no enough hydrides in nucleus of gods planet. Hence, petroleum is absent on planet of gods, and gods simply were unfamiliar with this energy source. And consequently they have not known both technology of oil refining and technology of use of its products! There are nothing to give people...

We still will address further to other conclusions in which results the conclusion about absence of expansion of gods planet, but now we shall return to atmosphere of this planet ...

The second possible variant. Atmospheric pressure upon a planet of gods as a whole is lower than one on the Earth; from here partial pressure of СО2 is lower too. Then gods on the Earth got in conditions with higher pressure, i.e. speaking in professional language, in conditions of hyperventilation.

It is curious, that for people in conditions of hyperventilation (for example, in case of breath in survival suits under water) transition of oxygen from air of alveoluses to blood is not increased practically, but СО2 is removed from organism in surplus. I.e. we have not increase of рСО2 in blood, but its decrease!..

But this takes place for people. Such result is conditioned just by hemoglobin ability for binding mutually transport of carbonic gas with transport of oxygen. And gods have not hemoglobin but hemocyanin which has no given property. Therefore for gods the presence in an atmosphere with higher pressure should be accompanied just by increase of concentration of СО2 in their blue blood.

This second variant also can find some indirect corroborations.

First. In mythology gods obviously are drawn towards mountains and eminences, but the higher - the pressure is lower.

Second. Even for people the following law is noticed: the better the person is adapted to lowered pressure, the his endurance is higher. "Children of mountains", having gone down on flat lowlands, show miracles of endurance. The same higher endurance is shown also by mythological gods.

Thirdly. The lowered pressure in atmosphere on gods planet should result also in sharper fluctuation of temperatures on its surface since rarefied air cools down faster and gets faster warm in beams of "sun". Hence, gods evolved in such conditions should be better adapted to fluctuations of temperatures rather than people. Indirect confirmation to this conclusion can be found in fairy tales where the hero, before he gets right of entry in "the magic country", should pass test for ability to endure extreme conditions (that proved his belonging to number of "elite", participation in gods).

"The task to stay in a hot bath has big popularity. "That bath burnt three months and it was so heated that it was impossible to approach to it by five versts"..." (V.Propp, "Historical roots of magic fairy tale").

" Oceanic myth ... the future chief flies by through a cold and heat. If the bath appears in Russian fairy tales it is certainly later, Russian form of test by fire. In American myths the hero, wishing to marry daughter of the sun or of the person "living very far", passes test by fire ... In other myths containing matchmaking and test of hero, the woman-grantor brings stone to red heat and puts it in hero mouth... It is possible to collect very much... such examples showing that already very much early in myths the hero subjects to test by fire before marriage... " (ibid).

We shall notice incidentally that in the same fairy tales frequently there is "voracity test":

"Test by hot bath very much is frequently connected to test by meal. "Well, if you are such artful, so demonstrate your boldness: eat up with comrades for once twelve fried bulls and twelve sacks of baked bread". "Tsar has ordered to serve the big dinner; the set of any viands was sent on a table; the glutton has started and has eaten all". For this task there are special assistants: the Glutton or famous bogatyrs - Eating Round and Drinking All..." (ibid).

But vegetative food which gods preferred (reasons of that are considered above) has considerably lower caloric content in comparison with animal food. Hence it should be consumed more (again it is the test for participation in gods)...

Fourthly. It is noticed that in case of breath by artificial mixes of gases in diving the person becomes more sensitive to fluctuations of temperature. The matter is that heat conductivity of inhaled gases changes. So, if pressure of divers artificial respiratory gas mix is equal 50 Kgf/sm2 (depth of submergence - 500 m) percentage of oxygen in it makes less than 1%, but of helium and/or hydrogen - more than 99%. Heat conductivity of such mix 6 times as higher than air one, therefore the range of comfortable temperatures is extremely small and makes 31-32oС, and its change only on 0,5-1,0oС causes overcooling or overheating of organism.

But if in atmosphere of gods there is low partial pressure of СО2 and more amount of light gases (and you see СО2 is rather heavy gas) then also heat conductivity of a mix of gases native for gods should be a little bit lower than in our atmosphere. And on our planet they get in situation opposite mentioned above, i.e. in conditions of gas mix which heat conductivity is lower rather than habitual him. Moreover they are adapted to gases mixes with higher heat conductivity. Hence, all of this in aggregate also should promote display by gods of abilities to endure easily fluctuations of temperatures on the Earth.

Fifthly. It is also revealed for divers that the high pressure, unusual gas medium and microclimate parameters cause frequently unpredictable and uncontrollable changes of microorganisms. Their properties under pressure vary promptly due to tremendous adaptability. As a rule, these new properties are adverse for health of the person. In conditions of higher pressure, similar effect for gods should only stimulate their aspiration to consumption of products with higher amount of copper and of alcoholic drinks which have antibacterial properties (see earlier).

Sixthly. It is noticed that for alive organisms higher concentration of copper raise stability to a cold. And this is that is necessary for gods in conditions of their native planet with lower atmospheric pressure.

Seventhly. For reduction of hyperventilation people sometimes use narcotic and somnolent medicines overwhelming breath. But alcoholic drinks have narcotic influence too. And besides, mythological gods were would like to have a sleep; so that there were problems if it was necessary to wake them, - numerous mentions of it easily can be found in myths of different countries.

So. As indirect confirmations are found for both possible variants that the most probable seems to the mixed variant: on a native planet of gods atmospheric pressure is lower than on the Earth and relative (in percentage expression) amount of СО2 also is lower, than on the Earth.

* * *


Totality of all above-stated reasons gives an explanation both to the fact of concentration of ancient agriculture centers in very narrow strip (see Fig. 1) and to similarity of conditions in these centers. Among all regions of the Earth the set of optimum for gods conditions takes place only in these centers.

First. All centers of ancient agriculture are concentrated in foothills where atmospheric pressure is obviously lower rather than on low plains (we shall notice that according to N.Vavilov's conclusions only secondary centers of agriculture are in delta of Nile and in Entre Rios).

Second. In these centers there are the most favourable climatic conditions for a crop (that as it is underlined in "Heritage of drunk gods", completely contradicts the official version about transition of people to agriculture owing to necessity of ensuring by livelihood since given regions are so the most abundant).

And thirdly. Exactly in these centers the chemical compound of soils is the most favourable for vegetative organisms which are rich of copper and poor of iron. For example, for all zones of podsolic and turf-podsolic soils of Northern hemisphere, stretching through all Eurasia, it is typical the higher acidity promoting strong washing away of ions of copper owing to what these soils are strongly impoverished by given element. And there is no any (!) center of ancient agriculture in these zones. On the other hand, even the chernozem zone which is rich by all elements necessary for plants has not got in the list of these centers, - it is in low area, i.e. in area of higher atmospheric pressure.

But that is useful and is favourable to gods - is not always useful for people. If it was necessary for gods to be guided by consumption of products rich by copper and impoverished by iron then people practically never experience deficiency of copper but requires constantly high consumption of iron.

The amount of assimilating iron in products of animal origin makes 10-20% of all iron contained in them, in vegetative products it makes 1-6%. Rich by iron food stuffs are: liver, prunes, aharicot, pea, buckwheat, and also oatmeal, rye bread, meat, eggs, chocolate, spinach, apples, apricots. And as it is possible to see, in this list there are no those grain crops which made a basis in the most ancient centers of civilization: wheat, rice, corn, maize.

It is indicative, whether the truth?..

But the picture becomes even more evident if we shall pay attention and to other biologically important chemical elements and compounds. However for this purpose we preliminary should little more return to biochemistry in that its part which is connected to removing of carbonic gas from organism.

The matter is that removing of surplus of carbonic gas realizes not only by means of breath but also through kidneys together with urine (let the Reader will forgive me for prose of life). Simultaneously with this kidneys allow also to adjust acid-alkaline balance of blood. Being in blood not only in connection with hemoglobin but also in structure of hydrocarbonates, carbonic gas in kidneys incorporates to ions of hydrogen Н+ and the formed coal acid breaks up to water and carbonic gas and in such kind is removed from organism. The ratio between concentration of ions Н+ in urine and in blood makes on the average 800:1, that well illustrates ability of kidneys to remove ions Н+ from organism (i.e. to reduce acidity of blood). Only this process goes on rather slowly: kidneys require 10-20 hours for full restoration of acid-alkaline balance .

Hence, besides alcoholic drinks diuretic means could also to facilitate existence of gods with their higher acidity of blue blood in earth’s conditions. And as it is known similar properties have both beer and kvass... Besides one of the elements promoting formation of urine is potassium which is very greater in vegetarian food!.. By the way, the popular medicine considers that the ardent desire for use alcohol is connected to lack of potassium in organism...

Now we shall walk along other substances and elements...

Vitamin В12 containing cobalt, - strongly promotes (human) blood creation. Cobalt promotes inclusion of an ion of iron in molecule of hemoglobin. In addition cobalt is not capable to collect in organism and consequently it should constantly be received with food. Vitamin В12 is only in products of animal origin, therefore physicians recommend vegetarians to accept it in addition as vitamin preparation.

Vitamin C - promotes assimilation of iron. But vitamin C collapses by alcohol since vitamin C is an acid.

Protein - promotes assimilation of iron. It is much more in products of animal origin than in vegetative food.

Zinc - complicates assimilation iron but strengthens removing of СО2 from lungs. In grain its amount is more than in fish and meat products.

Molybdenum - promotes synthesis of uric acid. In grain its amount is maximum (for example, some times as more than in fish). If much molybdenum is in food, synthesis of uric acid also grows and (human!) kidneys are not successful no longer in removing it from organism.

Manganese - raises assimilation of copper. Higher concentrations of manganese worsen assimilation of iron. The most of all of this element is in grain products too.

So. The integral and unequivocal picture forms on base of biochemistry.

Transition from hunting and collecting to grain agriculture was for people not only inexpedient but also harmful. But it was favourable and necessary for gods. It confirms a conclusion of article "Heritage of drunk gods" about artificiality of given transition under external influence.

* * *

What some more we can find out?..

We shall apply to cosmogony and look at our Solar system at the stage of its formation. We shall not philosophize and simply use a material of article of V.Larin "The Earth seen in a new fashion" ("Knowledge - force", No 2, 1986).

In the most general features the scenario of creation act of Solar system was offered still by Immanuil Kant more than two centuries back. According to this scenario at first there was a gas-dust fog which was slowly compressed under action of gravitation forces. Having the initial moment of rotation, during compression it was untwisted all faster and through any time has gathered in quickly rotating and flattened out from poles ellipsoid (nebula). On its equator there was an expiration of proto-planetary substance from which then planets of Solar system were formed.

Known astrophysicist Fred Hojl "...has stated idea that at the stage of formation of proto-planetary disk the nebula had powerful... magnetic field. Being rigidly connected to partially ionized substance of nebula, magnetic force lines should support a constancy of angular speed in rotating and compressed fog, that is they as spokes in a wheel accomplished a role of coupling in system. During that in internal parts of nebula linear speeds of rotation decreased whereas its external zone was untwisted and scattered by centrifugal forces in a plane of equator, forming proto-planetary disk" (V.Larin, "The Earth seen in a new fashion").

But "if during formation of proto-planetary disk the substance moved across force lines (Fig. 4) the charged (ionized) particles should be seized by magnetic field and are stopped in it whereas neutral would pass through magnetic sieve without hindrance. Therefore there is a basis to expect that prevalence of elements in Solar system depends on their potential of ionization. The logic here is simple: for one elements the ionized condition of atom is more probably. And accordingly they have more possibility to be held up in magnetic field; other elements should be mainly in neutral condition and consequently freely pass through magnetic separator" (ibid).

V.Larin used as "the base starting point" for comparison a chemical composition of the Sun since "all thermonuclear transformations into it are limited to synthesis of helium in connection with "burning out" of hydrogen (and also partially of lithium and beryllium) and have not affected on balance of heavier elements" (ibid).

The results received by V.Larin for the Earth (see Fig. 5) and for meteorites (see Fig. 6) which characterize planetary substance from zone much more removed from the Sun have quite confirmed his logic assumption.

But apparently, this gives not enough to us. Because potentials of ionization of cooper and of iron are practically identical, but difference of a native planet of gods from the Earth is determined namely for these elements. Especially that according to V.Larin's theory the factor of shortage (i.e. the amount of element in comparison with its percentage amount on the Sun) of iron and of copper everywhere should be identical, but on the Earth iron almost a hundred times as more than copper. For meteorites which we have quite right to identify with the Belt of asteroids between orbits of Mars and of Jupiter the situation like is slightly "better", but only "slightly" not changing radically common picture.

However Larin did not consider one more factor - the factor of chemical interaction of elements! Really, overwhelming majority of elements are not inert substances at all, - there many highly active ones among them. And chemical interaction of atoms with each other will weaken their electronic shells, reducing threshold of ionization. And it is necessary to expect that the substance is chemically more active, the big correction needs to introduce in calculations of Larin. If we shall be more exact, in case of identical potentials of ionization of two different "pure" elements real ionization (consequently and sticking in magnetic field) will be stronger for more chemically active element.

If now we shall look more attentive on Fig. 5 we could to notice that our assumption quite proves to be true. Position of oxygen on diagram is especially indicative: at almost identical potential of ionization with nitrogen and krypton the oxygen on the Earth is thousand times as more than nitrogen (which is much less chemically active) and still as more than krypton (which at all is inert gas). Active phosphorus and inert xenon as well as oxygen drop out from common "path" on diagram, and everyone drops out in that side from it as this follows from our assumption.

Let's take into account also such moment: the most widespread in the universe element is hydrogen (hence, it should be much also in a proto-planetary disk) with which iron rather actively cooperates but copper refuses to form compounds even at strong heating.

Then, first, lack of copper in comparison with iron on our planet receives quite correct explanation. And second, the amount of copper in comparison with iron should grow in process of distance from the sun, that quite proves to be true by the data for meteorites. And thirdly, the stronger magnetic field, the stronger effect of magnetic separation; and the stronger separation on iron and copper in particular.

What this implies?..

If the planet of gods would be in solar system, its chemical compound would correspond to a planet rather removed from the Sun (essentially further Belts of asteroids), but there are only planets-giants which at all are not adapted for close to earth’s life. Hence, the planet of gods is near other star that is combined with that gods "have gone down from stars".

But other star can have absolutely other conditions. For example, magnetic field can be weaker that would correspond to much smaller magnetic separation at a stage of formation of its planetary system. That is more copper and less iron than on the Earth can contain and on a planet which is not so strongly removed from a star rather than our planets-giants.

It is similar that it is exactly so, since the same fairy tales tell:

"Looking narrowly to this "unknown state" even closer, we can find out that it has any connection with the sun. So for example, in one text we find that to the hero is given to obtain branch from gold pine "which grows at the other end of the world, in three-ten тридесятом kingdom, in under-sun state". This kingdom is in the sky, where the sun..." (V.Propp "Historical roots of magic fairy tale").

To the same conclusion pushes also a strange 260-day's Mayan’s calendar, completely absurd from the earth’s viewpoint, but sacred as it is given Mayan by gods. You see shorter year means also faster rotation of a planet around of its star, that it is typical for planets near to star. Truth, here much depends and on duration of days. For example, tidal forces are capable to brake rotation of a planet, and in case of the big age of planetary system of gods (but we already mentioned such variant) given effect already could render rather strong influence, appreciably having extended duration of day on a planet of gods in comparison with same earth’s day. In general, there are variants here...

And the last. If we recognize that a magnetic field of a star is connected to its rotation about the axis (the star consists of plasma - the ionized substance, and as it is known, rotating charges derivate a magnetic field) then the size of its magnetic field will be influenced with sizes of a star and speed of its rotation. Then we quite can assume that central star of a planet of gods is less than our Sun, - it is possible, star is even the dwarf. And dependence is known: the more mass of star, the more transient its life. So even in case of big time of life of gods central star its light can grow dim rather not soon...

What we have for a native planet of gods?.. For final answer to this question we shall take into account some more reasons ...

First, greater amount of chemically less active elements in composition of a planet corresponds to lower percentage of hydrides in it. Hence, appreciably it should be reduced also probability of formation of hydrides nucleus of a planet responsible for processes of expansion. Then our assumptions of absence on a native planet of gods of expansion and of active volcanic activity connected to it are represented quite proved.

Second, according to hydrides theory of Earth expansion, not only carbonic gas but also water continuously arrives on a surface from bowels of our planet, and before expansion of the Earth water was much less on it. Then absence of expansion processes of gods planet and of volcanic activity on it will determine much smaller amount of water in comparison with the Earth. But it does not at all mean that basic part of its surface is made with a land: processes of erosion at absence of tectonic activity smooth a relief, the seas become shallow, being simultaneously increased on the area.

Thirdly, the partial pressure of water steam influences strongly on total atmosphere pressure. So say, according to some experts, if all water on our planet would be evaporated the atmospheric pressure would increase in tens (if not in hundreds!) times. That is low pressure upon a planet of gods should be accompanied also by low amount of water steam in its atmosphere, that however quite harmonizes with smaller amount of water on a planet as a whole. From here it follows: small overcast, dryness of air, rare rains (i.e. local "sun" shines more often - the country is in "under-sun world").


The silent old planet has settled down under small old "sun". Its bowels are not shaken, volcanoes do not smoke, and mountains as such already did not remain practically, - time has erased all. Under tender beams of local "sun" there is violent vegetation with large fruits. Light for them quite suffices: in the sky there are only rare dispersed clouds rather similar to slight haze. Rains drop out only by night when the air temperature is reduced sharply. Then plants greedy absorb a moisture which rests merge in brooks and rivers of greenish-blue shade got due to big concentration of copper compounds.

These rivers run in quite wide but shallow seas. Small depth of seas with abundance of "solar" light provides also an abundance of water plants among which living creatures with blue blood swim. In the sea as well as on land there are many living creatures - the vegetative food suffices for all. The same abundance of vegetation takes care of freshness of hardly rarefied air.

Machines not smoke by fulfilled gasoline, oil-rigs not smoke by burnt waste products - they are not present simply. Gods with blue blood who long ago mastered interstellar flights live in houses decorated with copper alloys shining "gold" under "solar" beams...

Paradise, and only!..

And like what hell the our Earth seems to them. It is a planet constantly shaken from earthquakes, with dense and dirty (due to volcanic ejectamentas) air which is difficult for them to breathe. It is a planet with sky which frequently is covered with heavy clouds spilling streams of water. It is a planet which has been literally filled cram-full with poisonous iron, which teems with every possible dangerous bacteria. It is a planet with stunted plants giving small fruits and not providing gods by all necessary elements. It is valid - this is the place for punishment of that who had been guilty, for that who had been overthrown from the sky to the ground, from Paradise to Hell...

Let's try to look narrowly at them more close.

We shall not be the first in that. Already very much people tried to portray gods. But we shall try to lean on more concrete data.

Say, E.Muldashev tried to reconstruct appearance of certain "Atlantis" on the basis of eyes represented on Tibetan temples (see Fig. 7) and of laws calculated by him for human face. The result of his reconstruction is submitted on Fig. 8. But he did not consider that he uses laws namely of human face, and the method of reception of these laws is not indisputable. Therefore we shall tell him "thank" for idea and shall take from it only those eyes from Tibetan temples.

Something from previous will give us an additional detail: blue color of skin (and consequently of face) of gods has received quite concrete substantiation.

It is possible to bring some (though also rather "slippery") substantiation for other characteristic detail of gods appearance. I am speaking about long ears meeting on images of gods from India up to Easter island (see Fig. 9) and which caused for some nations tradition to delay artificially lobes of ears.

Low atmospheric pressure upon a planet of gods should cause lower sound speed. And it increases time of passage of sound signal from a source to an ear perceiving this signal. The greater time of movement of a sound wave - the stronger its attenuation and weakening of reaching signal. From viewpoint of evolution in these conditions it is more favourable to have the big area of "perceiving device", i.e. of ears.

(By the way, small efficiency of sound channel of information transmission in these conditions quite could serve as additional stimulus to development of telepathic abilities which presence for gods also is obviously marked in mythology.)

But other factor which would capable to cause elongation of ears quite could be other proportions of body (more precisely - of head) of gods. That is the head of god, in comparison with human one, in this case should have stretched form. If you will look for example on statues of Easter island (see Fig. 10) from viewpoint that the top part of statue (from reddish rock) represents not a headdress but... hair (!), you will find out an elongated form of head. Imagine now the same form of head which is latent under headdress on the image of Egyptian god Osiris (see Fig. 11). And now recollect about tradition in some South American tribes to spoil purposefully heads of children, clamping them between boards on long time and achieving the stretched form of skull. But the purpose of this very painful for child procedure is the achieving of his likeness with gods...

Don’t I have convinced yet you in that gods had stretched form of head?.. Then look at skulls found in South America (Fig. 12). For comparison the skull of modern person is traced in the same place. By means of above mentioned cruel procedure with boards it is possible to achieve the lengthened form of head but it is impossible to increase the volume of cranium!..

Do you doubt that they are skulls of gods?.. Then look at the image of Khanaan’s god (Fig. 13) and at the result of overlapping of this image with one of South American skulls (Fig. 14). All this taken together quite has convinced the author to take these stretched skulls as the basis of reconstruction of gods appearance.

Since author’s abilities to the fine art leave to wish the best, and his skill in Gerasimov’s method is equal to zero, he had to address for the help to the painter - to Sergey Sangalov to whom the author is extremely grateful for the help. The result is submitted on Fig. 15. Unfortunately, because of absence of qualitative photos of a skull in different projections there was an opportunity to create only approximate image.

But it is thought that and in case of strict reconstruction the difference in results will be poorly appreciable. You see for the person representatives of other race and even of other nationality frequently look as "the one face". What ever to speak about representatives of other civilization!..

* * *

The author expresses the deepest gratitude to Jury Aleksandrovich Lebedev for the help rendered to the author in preparation of given article.

* * *